Redeemed Hymn 110 – Jesus was Slain for Me

“And when they were come to the place which is called Calvary, there they crucified Him -Like 23:33

1 Jesus was slain for me,

At Calvary.

Crowned with thorns was He,

At Calvary.

There He in anguish died,

There from His opened side,

Poured forth the crimson tide,

At Calvary.


2 Pardoned is all my sin,

At Calvary.

Cleansed is my hearth within,

At Calvary.

Now robes of praise I wear,

Gone are my grief and care,

Christ bore my burdens there,

At Calvary.


3 Wondrous His love for me,

At Calvary.

Glorious His victory,

At Calvary.

Vanquished are death and hell,

Oh, let His praises swell,

Ever my tongue shall tell,

Of Calvary.

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