Redeemed Hymn 111 – Sweet is the Promise

1 Sweet is the promise I will not forget thee

Nothing can molest or turn my soul away,

Een though the night be dark within the Valley.

Just beyond is shining an eternal day



I will not forget thee or leave thee,

in My hands I’ll hold thee,

in My arms I’ll fold thee

I will not forget thee or leave

thee I am Thy Redeemer

I will care for thee


  1. How can I show my gratitude to Jesus,

For His love unfailing and His tender care

For I will proclaim to others His salvation,

That they may accept Him and His promise share.


  1. Trusting the promise “I will not forget thee

Onward will I go with songs of joy and praise,

Though earth despise me, though my friends forsake me,

Jesus will be near me, gladdening my days.


4 When at my golden portals I am standing,

All my tribulations, all my sorrows past.

How sweet to hear the blessed proclamation,

“Enter faithful servant, welcome home at last.”

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