Redeemed Hymn 128 – Jesus Savior to Bethlehem Came

For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost Luke 79.10

1 Jesus savior to Bethlehem came

Born in manger to sorrow and shame;

Oh, it was wonderful blest be His name!

Seeking for me, for me!


Seeking for me! For mel(2ce)

Oh, it was wonderful-blest to His name!

Seeking for me!


2 Jesus my Saviour on Calvary’s tree

Paid the great debt, and my soul he set free,

Oh, it was wonderful – How could it be?

Dying for me, for me!


3 Jesus my Saviour, the same as of old,

While I was wandering afar from the fold,

Gently and long did He plead with my soul.

Calling for me, for me!


4 Jesus my Saviour shall come from on high

Sweet is the promises as weary years fly:

Oh I shall see Him descending the sky.

Coming, for me, for me!

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