Redeemed Hymn 160 – Extended on a Cursed Tree

“But He was wounded for our transgression; He was bruised for our iniquities” -Isa 53:5.

1 Extended on a cursed tree, Besmeared with dust, and sweat, and blood, See there, the King of Glory see! Sinks and expires the Son of God.

2 Who, who my savior this hath done? Who could Thy sacred body wound? No guilt Thy spotless heart hath known, No gilt hath in Thy lips been found.

3 I, I alone, have done the dead! ‘Tis I Thy sacred flesh have torn; My sins have caused Thee, Lord to bleed Pointed the nail, and fixed the thorn.

4 The burden, for me to sustain Too great, on Thee, mY Lord was laid To hear me, Thou hast borne my pain; To bless me, Thou a curse wast made.

5 My savior how shall I proclaim? How pay the mighty debt I owe? Let all I have and all I am, Ceaseless to all Thy glory show.

6 Too much to Thee I cannot give; Too much I cannot do for Thee; Let all Thy love, and all Thy grief, Graven on my heart forever be!

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