Redeemed Hymn 144 – Peace on Earth Goodwill Unto Men

“And on earth, peace, good will towards men.” -Luke 2:14

1 Peace on earth goodwill unto men

Was the song of the angels,

Shepherd abiding in the field,

Heard, and herald Jesus Birth.


2 ‘T was upon the mount of Judea

There was great light of stars seen

To guide the wise men on their way.

To look for this precious gift.


3 And the three wise men saw the light

As it was shown unto them

To the child they brought precious gifts.

Gold, silver and frankincense.


4 By the manger where Jesus laid

They fell and worship’d their King

In humble they offer’d their gifts

To Him that brought salvation.


5 Our Lord Jesus is born newly

As the year is passing by

In the heart of all His children

As foretold by the angels.


6 Behold we see the star newly

Like the time of Jesus birth

May His blessing be upon us

As the year is passing by.

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