Redeemed Hymn 143 – Awake, Awake, All Nations

“The word was God and the word was made flesh” -John 1:14

1 Awake, awake, all nations

No longer slumber on

Our light of lights supernal

Now makes its rays appear

The sun gives natural light

Christ illuminates the hearts

Must the hope of our Fathers

Dawn upon us in vain?


2 He comes from sin to set free

And darkness to dispel

Rejoice Christ’s kingdom bring us

A great era of peace

To Him let’s bring our offerings

Of worship, love and praise

Wise men brought gifts from afar

Shall we not give our hearts.


3 Let us give our hearts to Him

Let Him be enthroned there

Surrender all to Jesus,

Be subject to His will,

Rejoice, again rejoice, ye

For Christ the Lord is come,

For the riches and the poor,

Our Lord Jesus is come.

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