Redeemed Hymn 145 – Christians Lift Your Voice in Praises

“We will rejoice and be glad in it.”-Ps. 118:24

1 Christians lift your voice in praises,

On this memorable day,

Hear the voices of the angels,

Singing praises

Singing praises to our God,

Singing praises

Peace on earth goodwill to men.


2 Let the whole earth now sing praises,

To the glorious Lord and King

The begotten Son of Father

Who is born of virgin’s birth

Wonderful Lord

Wonderful Lord

Is the Saviour born today.


3 In the midst of chaos and danger

And the evils of the world

In the distraction of our sins

The Son of God come to save

The Counsellor

The Counsellor

Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace.


4 Almighty and most gracious Lord

Born today as newly babe

Father, who is everlasting

Now our Controller to be

O be joyful

O be joyful

The Son of David now reigns.


5 He has come to save us from sin,

Our Advocator to be

satan’s chain the Lord hath broken

He is made the glorious being.

Therefore rejoice

Therefore rejoice

We are now saved from the death.

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