Redeemed Hymn 108 – Come, O Thou Prophet of the Lord

“Then opened He their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures.” -Luke 24:45

1 Come, O Thou Prophet of the Lord,

Thou great interpreter divine,

Explain Thine own transmitted word,

To teach and to inspire is Thine;

Thou only canst Thyself reveal,

Open the book and loose the seal.


2 Whate’er the ancient prophets spoke

Concerning Thee, O Christ, make known;

Chief subject of the sacred book,

Thou fillest all, and Thou alone;

Yet there our Lord we cannot see,

Unless Thy Spirit lend the key.


3 Now, Jesus, now the veil remove,

The folly of our darkened heart;

Unfold the wonders of Thy love,

The knowledge of thyself impart:

Our ear, our inmost soul, we bow,

Speak, Lord, Thy servants hearken now.

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