Redeemed Hymn 73 – O Thou, My Soul, Bless God the Lord

“Bless the Lord,O my soul; and all that is within me, bless his holy name.”-Psalm 103:1

1 O thou, my soul, bless God the Lord;

And all that in me is

Be stirred up His holy name

To magnify and bless.


2 Bless, o my soul the lord thy God.

And not forgetful be

Of His gracious benefits

He hath bestowed on thee:


3 All Thine iniquities who doth

Most graciously forgive:

Who thy diseases all and pains

Doth heal, and thee relieve.


4 Who doth redeem thy life that thou

To death may’st not go down;

Who thee with loving-kindness doth

And tender mercies crown.

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