Redeemed Hymn 93 – Cling to the Bible. Though All Else be Taken

“Search the scriptures”-John 5:39

1 Cling to the Bible, though all else be taken;

Lose not its precepts so precious and pure;

Souls that are sleeping, its tidings awaken;

Life from the dead in its promises sure

Chorus Cling to the Bible!

Cling to the Bible!

Cling to the Bible!

Our Lamp and our Guide

2 Cling to the Bible! The jewel and treasure;

Bring life eternal, and saves fallen man:

Surely its value no mortal can measure;

Seek for its blessing O soul while you can.


3 Lamp for the feet that in by ways have wandered,

Staff for the aged and best seek of all.

Guide for the youth that would otherwise fall;

Hope for the sinner whose life has been squandered,

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