Redeemed Hymn 90 – Thy Word is Like a Garden Lord

“Thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing my hear” Jer 15:16

1 Thy word is like a garden,

Lord, With flowers bright and fair,

And everyone that seeks may find

A lovely garland there.


2 Thy word is like a deep, deep mine

And jewels rich and rare

Are hidden in its mighty depth

For every searcher there.


3 Thy word is like the starry host!

A thousand rays of light

Are seen to guide the traveller,

And make this pathway bright.


4 Thy word is like a glorious choir,

And loud is anthems ring;

Though many tongues and parts unite,

It is one song they sing.


5 Thy word is like armoury,

Where soldiers may repair,

And find for life’s battle day

All needful weapons there.


6 Oh! May love Thy precious Word,

May I explore its mine!

May its fragrant flowers glean,

May light upon me shine!


7 Oh! May I find my armour there,

Thy word my trusty sword;

I’ll learn to fight with every foe

The battle of the Lord.


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