Redeemed Hymn 53 – If I but Knew Thee as Thou Art

“This things have I written unto you that ye may know-1 John. 5:13

1 If I but knew thee as thou art,

O loveliness unknown,

With what desire, O Lord, my heart

Would claim Thee for its own.


2 Thy glory would my shame conceal,

Thy purity my dross:

I should rejoice with Thee to feel

The sorrow of the cross.


3 But I am dull and blind, O lord,

Unapt of thee to learn;

Thee I but dimly in thy word,

As in a glass, discern.


4 With faith’s warm finger, through the veil,

I seek to touch Thy hand:

I feel the imprint of the nail

And partly understand.


5 But, ah, my lonely spirit tires

Of knowing thee in part.

O Jesus, how my soul desires

To see thee as thou art!

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