Redeemed Hymn 29 – Praise the king of Glory

“His praise shall continually be in my mouth”–Psalm 34:1

1 Praise the king of Glory,

He is God alone,

Praise him for the wonders

He to us hath shown, For His promised presence

all the pilgrim way,

For the flaming pillar

and the cloud by day.


Chorus Praise Him, shining angels

strike… your harps of gold

All his host adore him

who…. His face behold

while… the ages roll,

All His works shall praise Him; (3ce)

Bless they Lord, my soul!


2 Praise Him for redemption,

free to ev’ry Soul; Praise Him for the fountain

that can make us whole; of kindness

and His loving care,

For the blest assurance

that He answers prayer.


3 Praise Him for the trials

sent as cords of love.

Binding us more

closely to the thing above,

For the faith that conquers,

hope that naught can dim,

For the land where loved ones

gather unto Him

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