Redeemed Hymn 64 – Thine, Lord, is Wisdom, Thine Alone

“The heavens declare the glory of God. Ps 19:1

1 Thine, Lord, is wisdom, Thine alone,

Justice and truth before thee stand;

Yet nearer to Thy sacred throne,

Mercy withholds Thy lifted hand.

2 Each evening shows Thy tender love

Each rising morm Thy plenteous grace,

Thy waker’d wrath doth slowly move

Thy willing mercy flies apace.

3 mf To Thy benigh indulgent care,

Father, this light, this breath we owe,

And all we have and all we are,

From thee, great source of being flow.

4 mf Parent of good, Thy bounteous hand,

Incessant blessing down distils,

And all in air, or sea, or land,

With plenteous food and gladness fills.

5 All things in thee, live move and are,

Thy pow’r indused doth all sustain;

Evn those Thy daily favours share

Who thankless spun Thy easy reign.

6 Thy sun thou bidd’st his genial ray

Alike on all impartial pour

To all, who hate to bless Thy sway,

Thou budd’st descend the fruitful shower.


7 mp Yet while at length who scomed Thy might,

Shall feel thee a consuming fire,

mf How sweet the joys, the crown how

bright, Of those who to Thy love aspire!


  1. Thrice Holy! Thine the kingdom is,

The pow’r omnipotent is Thine;

And when created nature dies

Thy never-ceasing glories shine


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