Redeemed Hymn 56 – O God of Our Salvation

“So we thy people and sheep of thy posture will give thee thanks forever, we will show forth thy praise to all generations” Ps. 79:13

1 O God of our salvation,

Our spirit soul and life

Our health, shield and defender,

Our everlasting peace

We Thy children humbly stand

To glorify Thy name

For great gift you bestow,

Through Jesus Christ Thy Son.


2 Our hearts are filled with praises

On all of Thy dear children

Scattered all over the world

We implore thee to help us,

For all Thy ceaseless care

Continue in Thy will

And that our light may so shine

Upon the whole wide world.

Glory to God the Father


3 Glory to God the Son

To Holy Ghost give glory

Ever blessed Three-in-One

Accept our songs of praises

Also the prayer we bring

For the great gift you bestow

Through Jesus Christ thy Son.

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