Redeemed Hymn 27 – Oh Magnify The Lord With Me

Let all the people praise the Lord Psalm 67:2

1 O magnify the Lord with me,

Ye people of His choice.

For uttermost salvation

Let all to whom He lendeth breath

Now in His Name rejoice,

For love’s blest revelation,

For rest from condemnation,

To Him give thanks.

Chorus Let all (Let all) the people praise Thee,

Let all (Let all) the people praise Theel

Let all (Let all) the people praise Thy name

Forever and forevermore, Forevermore, O Lord!

  1. O praise Him for His holiness,

His wisdom and His grace,

Sing praises for His precious blood

Which ransomed all our race,

In tenderness He sought us,

From depths of sin He brought us

The way of life then taught us

To Him give thanks.

3 Had I a thousand tongues to sing,

The half could ne’er be told

Of love so rich, so full and free,

Of blessings manifold,

Of grace that faileth never,

To him give thanks

Peace flowing like a river

From God the glorious Giver,

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