Redeemed Hymn 50 – Fill Thou My Life

“That they may see your works and glorify your father which is in heavens!” -Matt 5:16

1 Fill thou my life, O lord my God,

In every part with praise,

That my whole being may proclaim

Thy being and thy ways.


2 Not for the lip of praise alone,

Not e’en the praising heart

I ask, but a life made up

Of praise in every part:


3 Praise in the common things of life,

Its going out and in;

Praise in each duty and each deed

However small and mean.


4 Fill every part of me with praise;

Let all my being speak

Of Thee and of Thy love, O Lord,

Poor though I be and weak.


5 So shalt thou, Lord, from me e’en me,

Receive the glory due,

And so shall I begin on earth

The song for ever new


6 So shall no part of day or night

From sacredness be free;

But all my life, in every step,

Be fellowship with Thee.

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