Redeemed Hymn 97 – Thy Word, O Lord, Thy Precious Word Alone

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path” -Ps. 119:105

1 Thy word, O Lord, Thy precious Word alone,

Can lead me on;

By this, until the darksome night be gone

Lead Thou me on:

Thy word is light, Thy word is life and power,

By it O guide me in each trying hour!


2 This all I have around no light appears

O lead me on!

With eyes on Thee, though gazing through my tears

Lead Thou on!

The good and best might lead me far astray.

Omniscient Savior, lead Thou me, I pray!


3 Whate’re my path, led by Thy Word, ’tis good

O lead me on!

Be my poor heart Thy blessed de,word’s abode,

Lead Thou me on!

Thy Holy Spirit gives the see

And leads me by Thy word close following Thee


4 Led by aught else, I tread a devious way

O lead me on!

Speak, Lord, and help me ever to obey,

Lead Thou me on!

My every step shall then be well defined,

And all I do according to mind!

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