Redeemed Hymn 88 – O Word, of Words the Sweetest

“How sweet are thy word unto my taste Ps 179-103

1 O word, of words the sweetest

O word in which there lie

All promises, all fulfillment,

And end of mystery!

Laminating, or rejoicing

With doubt or terror nigh,

I hear the “come!” of Jesus,

And to His cross I fly.



 “Come!…oh come to me!”

Come!…oh come to Me!

Weary, heavy-laden,

Come!.. oh come to me!


2 O soul! Why shouldst thou wander

From such a loving friend!

Cling closer, closer to Him,

Stay with Him to the end:

Alas! I am so helpless

So very full of sin

For I am ever wand’ring

And coming back again.


3 Oh, each time draw me nearer,

That soon the “Come” may be,

Naught but a gentle whisper,

To one close, close to Thee,

Then over sea and mountain

Far from, or near home,

I’ll take Thy hand and follow

At that sweet whisper, ‘Come!’

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