Redeemed Hymn 86 – My Heart is Open to Thee, Dear Lord

“But they constrained him, saying abide with us and he went in Luke 24:29

1 My heart is open to Thee,

Dear Lord Come in,

Come in My faith is clinging to Thy dear word

Come in, come in


Chorus Come not to tarry, but stay dear Lord

All shall be Thine love can afford

Here in my heart ever make Thine abide

Come in, come in.


2 Yes there is room in my heart dear Lord

Come in, come in

Thy presence makes heaven real to me

Come in come in


3 I kept Thee standing outside so long

Come in, come in

I pray Thee pardon this shameful wrong

Come in, come in


4 I hear Thee knocking at my hearts door

Come in, come in

I’ll keep thee waiting outside no more

Come in, come in

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