Redeemed Hymn 6 – Come To Me, Lord, When First I Wake

“When wilt thou come unto me?”-Psalms 101:2

1  Come to me Lord, when first I wake,

As the faint lights of morning break;

Bid purest thoughts within me rise,

Like crystal dew-drops to the skies.


2 Come to me in the sultry noon,

Or earth’s low communing will soon

Of thy dear Face, eclipse the light,

And change my fairest day to night.


3 Come to me in the evening shade,

And if my heart from thee hath-strayed,

Oh brings it back, and from afar smile

On me like Thine ev’ning star.


4 Come to me in the midnight hour,

When sleep withhold its balmy pow’r

Me alone spirit find her rest,

 Like John, upon my saviour’s breast.


5  Come to me through life’s varied way.

And when its pulse cease to play then savior,

Bid me come to thee,

That where thou art, thy child may be.

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