Redeemed Hymn 34 – Let Come Closer to Thee, Jesus

“And Abraham drew closer unto the Lord”-Gen 18:23

1 Let me come closer to Thee, Jesus

Oh, closer day by day!

Let me lean harder on Thee, Jesus

Yea, harder all the way.


2 Let me show forth Thy beauty, Jesus,

like sunshine on the hills

Oh let my lips pour forth Thy sweetness

In joyous, sparkling rills!


3 Yes, like a fountain precious Jesus,

Make me New and let me be:

Keep me and use me daily, Jesus

For Thee, and only Thee


4 In all my heart and will O Jesus,

Be altogether, king!

Make me a loyal subject, Jesus

To Thee in everything.


5 Thirsting and hunger for Thee, Jesus

With blessed hunger here,

Longing for home on Zion’s mountain

No thirst, on hunger there.

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