Redeemed Hymn 106 – Thy Words Unto My Taste Sweet

“How sweet are Thy words unto my taste.”-Psalm. 119:10

1 Thy words unto my taste sweet,

O Lord of hosts, Thy truth love;

The light it shed, before my feet;

Streams from Thy dazzling place above.


2 O joy, within the page to find

Such wondrous treasures all my own;

To trace the mysteries of thy mind,

And reach the splendours of Thy throne!


3 No human wisdom touched that strain

Thy breath breath’d forth the holy light, height,

No creature tongue sang that high

Thy finger scroll’d the message plain.


4 Yet, Mighty Word, Thou stopedst low

To falt’ring lip and feeble hand,

For humble men spake long ago,

Such wisdom as Thy Spirit planned.


5 To Profit him that hungereth

With rich delight and doctrine pure,

To quicken love and strengthen faith

And make his heav’nly calling sure.

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