Redeemed Hymn 158 – Thine is Tomorrow Lord

“But exhort one another everyday as long as it is called today” -Heb. 3:13

1 Thine is tomorrow Lord

It is in Thy control

If we are bless’d to see morrow

It is by Thy command.


2 This time is running fast

Carrying our souls away

O fill Thy servants with wisdom

That they may live for Thee.


3 The time that is passing

Rests the everlasting

O Lord with Thy power fill us

Revive the young and old.


4 One thing that we should seek

That we should now pursue

That time of thy visit may not

Depart to come no more.


5 Let us flee to our Lord

And flee as fast as could

That our soul may not die and drown

Into intense darkness.

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