Redeemed Hymn 151 – Have You Read the Story of the Cross

“His visage was so marred more than any man” -Isa 52:14


1 Have you read the story of the cross,

Where Jesus bled and died;

Where your debt was paid by His precious blood

That flowed from his wounded side?



He died of a broken heart for you

He died of a broken heart;

Up-on a tree, for you, for me,

He died of a broken heart


2 Have you read how they placed the crown of thorns

Up-on His brow for you

When He prayed, “Forgive them, Oh, forgive,

They know not what they do.?”


3 Have you read how He saved the dying thief

When hanging on the tree,

When He looked with pleading eyes and said,

“Dear Lord remember me.?”


4 Have you read that He looked to heaven and said

‘Tis finished? “Twas for thee!”

Have you ever said, “I thank Thee Lord,

For giving Thy life for me?”


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